Routine Blood Tests

Please note that with immediate effect, with the exception of INR tests and children under 14, all routine blood tests will now be completed at the surgery.

Therefore there will be no need to contact the hospital, you will be able to book your appointment direct with us at the surgery.

Due to the volume of tests that we will need to perform appointment times have been limited to 7.5 minutes each. Therefore please do not ask your nurse about any other issues you may have, and you will not be disappointed by the answer.

In order to assist us with performing the tests as smoothly as possible please make sure you arrive on time. Come dressed in suitable clothing to allow access to your arm.

Drink plenty of water before your test, this helps to keep your blood pressure from dropping.

Unless specifically told otherwise eat breakfast and/or lunch, this will help your blood sugar levels and prevent dizziness.

Make sure you are warm before you’re test., but do not perform any physical activity within 30 minutes prior to you test.

Remember our parking is limited so you may need to be dropped off and picked up again later to avoid missing your appointment.