Core services -available during core hours

  • general management of medical conditions
  • health promotion advice
  • emergency care if appropriate
  • referral for other services, if appropriate
  • urgently required care for temporary residents

Additional services

  • cervical screening
  • contraceptive services
  • vaccinations and immunisations
  • child health surveillance
  • maternity services
  • minor surgery procedures

Travel Services

Travel advice and any required vaccines are available from the practice, but please note that you should allow at least 2 months to obtain before your trip is due. Contact the surgery to make an appointment.
There are also 2 travel clinics in the area, both of which offer services to all patients:
Travel Clinic – Boots, Castlepoint, Bournemouth. Tel: 01202 549971
Wimborne Travel Clinic. Tel: 01202 881693.

Enhanced services

  • audiology
  • physiotherapy

Please contact the surgery if you require any further information about any of these services.

The Dorset Self-Management Service

Managing life with a health condition isn’t always easy. We know that understanding and keeping track of medications, treatments, tests and appointments with healthcare professionals are important, but also that a health condition affects our emotions, how we feel about ourselves, our social life, hobbies and day to day routines at home. Feeling confident managing all of that can be a challenge.

At Poole Medical Centre, we have a coach and link worker as part of our team. Clinical healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses can be really important to help us manage the medical aspects of our health, and self-management coaches and link workers can help us manage the emotional and practical impact in our day to day life.

The self-management coaches are there to support people with health conditions to feel more confident, and have lots of experience talking about a whole range of subjects:

  • Managing pain and fatigue
  • Preparing for appointments
  • Accessing information to understand conditions and treatments
  • Feeling more confident getting out and about
  • Building a network of support around you
  • Accepting and coming to terms with having a health condition

The link workers are there to focus on connecting people with long term health conditions to groups and activities available to them in their community, they will focus on;

  • Improving your social support network and feelings of isolation
  • Information sourcing and gaining confidence to attend groups
  • Identifying any other non-clinical support options that may be of benefit

Our coach, Lindsey Rodgers, is based at Poole Medical Centre on Thursdays.

They are part of our team here to support you. Lots of patients and their carers say how hard it is when healthcare professionals only have ten minutes, but self-management coaches have up to 45 mins for each session to listen to you and support you. Your GP practice nurse or any member of the reception team can refer you to see the coach, so if you are interested in this, please
mention it to one of the team at Poole Medical Centre.

In the case where our staff are not co-located, referrals can be made using the online referral form:

Click here

or by phoning our Single Point of Access on 0303 303 0153.

We are currently working toward a more integrated referral process and will
keep you informed of further developments.